Sustainable New Zealand Dog & Cat Treats

Sustainable Pet Food

At Eco Treats® we were shocked by the number of artificial preservatives and un-natural ingredients that are contained in many dog and cat treats on the market.

We are also concerned by the amount of plastic packaging that is thrown away around the world, which then ends up in our oceans and inside the fish that we eat.

Eco Treats aims to make a difference in the pet food industry, by producing products that follow our motto:

Better for your pet, better for your planet®

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  • Dog looking for dog treats and dog food made in New Zealand.

    Natural Dog Treats

    Our dog treats are made from just 4 premium quality, human grade ingredients. These ingredients are all-natural with many grown locally. Our delicious dog treats contain no added salt or sugar, with no artificial preservatives.

  • Natural Cat Treats

    Our delicious cat treat ingredients are based on the growing meat-free burger trend and are made from all-natural, human grade, plant based ingredients, with no artificial preservatives.

  • What is it made from?

    Our cardboard tubes are made from 100% paper packaging.

  • Fully recyclable

    Our tubes can be re-used many times for other purposes and are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

  • What is it made from?

    Our compostable interior bags are made from naturally occurring plant based materials such as FSC recycled paper, cellulose, GE-free corn and sugarcane.

    The certified home compostable film used in our packaging is made from cellulose, which is found in the cell wall of plants. Our cellulose is sourced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees.

  • How does it breakdown?

    Healthy soil is rich in microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, enzymes and soil loving worms, who love to recycle organic waste into rich soil. Garden and food waste, as well as compostable packaging can all be placed in your home compost. 

    When a warm aerated home compost is maintained at an ambient temperature of 20 - 30 degrees Celsius, the bag's material will break down. The composting process can be enhanced by cutting the packaging up into smaller pieces.

    Once placed in the home compost environment, it is easily broken down into biomass, CO2 and water. The material is then safely reabsorbed back into the earth environment within 180 days.

    > Learn more about home composting at the Compost Collective.

    > Get more home composting tips at Tui Gardens.

    > For information on the commercial collection of compostable packaging, visit wasteMINZ or contact your country's waste management organisation.

  • Made from recycled plastic

    Our shipping bag is made from 100% recycled, post consumer and post industrial, plastic waste. Even the removable adhesive backing and the inner bag is made from recycled plastic. 

    As our bag is made entirely from waste, it is reducing the amount of virgin plastic in production.

    If you prefer a compostable shipping bag, please let us know when you order.

  • Fully recyclable with soft plastics

    Our shipping bag is made from recycled plastic and can be re-used again as a shipping bag or re-used for other purposes.

    The shipping bag is recyclable where soft plastics recycling exists.

    In New Zealand, Soft Plastic Recycling Bins are available for use at a number of Countdown, New World, Pak'nSave, and The Warehouse stores, as well as other locations.